Volvo Recall Compliance Clearance Letter Process

Volvo charges $1000 USD for issuance of the recall compliance letter. This is due to costs for vehicle analytical research investigation, and other internal vehicle validation processes, thereby allowing Volvo to issue the recall compliance clearance letter in a timely manner. Payment using non-US funds may incur additional currency exchange fees from your credit card company.

General Information:

As part of the import or export process of your Volvo vehicle, government authorities will require a compliance letter as proof that your vehicle conforms to emission and safety standards. Volvo will provide customers moving to the U.S./or Canada with a compliance letter upon submitting their vehicle information on this website and the appropriate fee has been paid. Compliance letters can typically take approximately 5-10 business days to be prepared, and you will be notified when it is available on the site.

Please note that for U.S. customers moving to Canada, please consult the Registrar of Imported Vehicles at this website for a list of requirements and necessary steps before importing your vehicle into Canada.

Additional information on importing vehicles purchased in the United States to Canada (refer to link provided below for general topic information):

Please note the following From: Transport Canada

Did you know that some vehicles that are sold or manufactured in the United States cannot be imported into Canada?

If you are thinking about buying a vehicle in the U.S., please visit the Registrar of Imported Vehiclesweb site for information and the required import e-form.

You should also refer to the Vehicle Import Compatibility list to check which Volvo vehicles are admissible for import from the U.S.

You cannot import a vehicle with an open recall into Canada from the United States, until the recall has been performed. Check for any open recalls on your vehicle by using this Recall Search Tool Link

Taxes & Duties:

You must pay taxes and/or duties, and bring a vehicle through customs, before it can be inspected for importation into Canada. Vehicles that fail the inspection, or that are not clear of recalls, cannot remain in Canada, even though taxes and duties would have been paid.

If you are a visitor or temporary resident bringing your vehicle into Canada, please read Information for visitors, tourists, and temporary residents entering Canada with foreign-owned vehicles.

Canadian Vehicles Going To The U.S.:

A Canadian Volvo is deemed inadmissible for exportation to the U.S. when:

  1. It cannot be retrofitted to meet U.S. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) or;
  2. Is not available in the U.S. market, therefore considered a "Canada unique model" and is less than 25 years old.

Although similar, Canadian & U.S. safety standards are not completely aligned on a one to one basis. Therefore, some Canadian vehicles may require certification work to be performed in order for your vehicle to comply with the applicable U.S. FMVSS. Please note that these are regulatory requirements established by the U.S. NHTSA and DOT government agencies, and not Volvo.

Volvo will issue an email (refer to email request for recall compliance clearance letter below) to you stating whether any certification work is necessary to bring the vehicle into compliance with any applicable U.S. FMVSS (as doing this can be expensive or in some cases cannot be accomplished technically). Certification work may be performed at a Volvo authorized dealership. However, a compliance letter stating that the vehicle has been brought into conformity with U.S. FMVSS and is clear of any recalls will only be issued by Volvo if the required certification work has been performed at an authorized Volvo dealer (if necessary) and our vehicle investigation has been completed and the appropriate recall compliance clearance letter fee has been paid.

Important Information on Costs:

Cost estimates for parts and labor for any certification work are only available through an authorized Volvo dealer. The scope of the safety certification work required varies depending on the model and/or model year. Please request a letter of compliance by submitting/completing the online form on this website. Our email will outline the certification work required (if any) to bring your Canadian vehicle into compliance with any applicable U.S.FMVSS.

Recall Clearance Compliance Letters for Canadian Importation of U.S. Volvo Vehicles.

Recall clearance compliance letters for Canadian vehicles must be obtained through this website. Please submit your request by completing the online form on this website and stating in the comments section that you require a Recall Compliance Clearance Letter.

Many Canadian vehicles have emission control systems that are identical to the emission control systems on Volvo's certified in the US. However, although they are identical to a certified configuration, these Canadian vehicles may not have an emissions compliance label identifying them as conforming to EPA requirements.

A Canadian Vehicle is identical to a US Certified Version if:

The Canadian vehicle has an emission label stating it is certified to applicable US EPA federal and/or 50-State emission standards. How to Find the Vehicle Emissions Label.

Volvo has provided a letter of compliance that states the vehicle complies with all applicable US EPA and/or 50-State emission regulations.

Additionally, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) may request a letter of compliance from the manufacturer (from Volvo), even if the vehicle is determined by EPA to be identical to a U.S. certified version. Reference the link provided above for specific details and complete information related to the CBP processes.

Please note that you will also need to contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)for NHTSA applicable import regulations (click on the link provided above for specific information and details).

If the Canadian Vehicle is not identical to a U.S. Certified Version, please refer to: